.NET SDK Change Logs

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July 2024

10th July 2024


.NET Version 5.0.0

.NET version 5.0.0 released to support:

  • Linked to Api-Version 6.21

  • The Introduction of (optional) allowIncrement flag to the CardPaymentModel for preAuths.

  • The Introduction of (optional) allowIncrement flag to the WebPaymentRequestModel for payment sessions.

    • Created through JudoPayDotNet.Clients.WebPayments.IPreAuths.

    • Should not be specified on IPayments or ICheckCards

  • The introduction of AllowIncrement to the GetWebPaymentResponseModel

  • Removed the delayedAuthorisation request attribute from PaymentModel and WebPaymentRequestModel, and from the response GetWebPaymentResponseModel.

    • Use the new incremental authorisation feature instead.

  • Dropped issueNumber

    • This is no longer exposed as a request attribute on Judopay's Transaction API.

  • Dropped IRegisterCards interface

    • Use ICheckCard or IPreAuths instead.

  • Removed RecurringPayment, RecurringPaymentType, RelatedReceiptId from the CheckCardModel.



November 2023

27th November 2023


.NET Version 4.1

.NET version 4.1 released to support:

  • Linked to Api-Version 6.20

  • Added the following new attributes:

    • ShortUrl to WebPaymentResponseModel.

    • DelayedAuthorisation request attribute to WebPaymentRequestModel.

      • (For use in preAuths only).

    • Added ShortReference and DelayedAuthorisation to GetWebPaymentResponseModel.

  • Updated FluentValidation dependency to version 11.8.


April 2023

20th April 2023


.NET Version 4.0

This version contains breaking changes.

.NET version 4.0 released to support:


.NET version 4.0 no longer supports:

  • Removed: PartnerServiceFee, KountTransactionId, Refunds, PostCodeCheckResult (Use Risks block instead), Recurring (Use RecurringPaymentType instead) in the PaymentReceiptModel.

  • Line1/Line2/Line3 now deprecated from CardAddressModel.

    • Use Address1/Address2/Address3 instead.

  • Line1/Line2/Line3 now deprecated from WebPaymentCardAddress.

    • Use Address1/Address2/Address3 instead.

  • ConsumerToken.

    • Use YourConsumerReference instead.

  • OneUseTokens.

  • ThreeDSecure 1.


For a detailed list of all changes, see Github.

For our DotNetSDK core sample app, see DotNetSDK.