The deadline for PSD2 implementation for all the European Union countries members was 31st December 2020.
The deadline for SCA implementation for UK merchants has been extended to 14th March 2022.


Judopay’s Mobile SDK enables merchants to easily integrate and customise a seamless consumer checkout experience within their native mobile app, in line with the merchant’s brand.

Select from a menu of out-of-the-box payment components, that can be simply installed using the Mobile SDK.

Sensitive payment data is encrypted and transmitted on behalf of the merchant, meaning it does not touch the merchant’s server.


If you prefer to use your own UI for the consumer’s checkout journey, you can still easily integrate with Judopay using only a few lines of code to begin accepting payments.



As a prerequisite, make sure you have set up your Judopay account.


Mobile SDK Features

All of our Mobile SDKs come built-in with the following features:

Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance: 3D Secure

The new regulatory requirement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), adds an increased layer of security for card not present transactions when making mobile and online payments.

This new version of 3D Secure, offers a better user experience and helps to minimise some of the friction authentication adds to the checkout flow.


Mobile Payments Widget

Customise your consumer's checkout experience with an out of the box UI, supporting a host of payment methods within the mobile SDK.

You can also customise the accepted card networks for your app.


Fraud Prevention Tools

Judopay offers fraud and risk management solutions to help protect your payments against fraud.


Supports Alternative Payment Methods

Currently Judopay accepts the following range of payment methods beyond the traditional ways of paying with cards and cash:

  • Apple Pay™

  • Google Pay™

  • PayByBankApp

  • iDEAL


Mobile Integration Options

Judopay offer's the following integration options to accept payments securely from your consumers:

Mobile and Server SDKs

This is Judpay's recommended integration option.


To enable consumers to save their card details in your mobile app:

  1. Store the token on your server

  2. Integrate using our native Mobile and Server SDKs

    1. If you do not use PHP or .NET, you can build directly to our API.


Mobile Only

The Mobile only solution, allows you to use Judopay’s customisable native SDKs to process all of your payments.

You are responsible for storing card tokens on the consumer’s device.



Android integration documentation.

  • Version 5.0 and higher.

  • Integrate with Judopay

  • Customise your integration

  • Add Payment Methods



iOS integration documentation.

  • Version 10.3 and higher.

  • Integrate with Judopay

  • Customise your integration

  • Add Payment Methods


React Native

React Native integration documentation.

  • Integrate with Judopay

  • Customise your integration

  • Add Payment Methods



Xamarin integration documentation.

  • Integrate with Judopay

  • Set up Xamarin

  • Go Live