PayPal is currently in BETA.

PayPal is a popular eWallet, whereby their users are able to send and receive money using funds directly from their wallet and/or from their credit/debit card. 

Link your existing PayPal account to Judopay, to enable an easy integration of PayPal alongside other payment methods. Reconcile your PayPal payments within the Judopay Portal.

Integrate PayPal using our Web SDK.


Integrating PayPal (BETA)

Contact Developer Support to link your production PayPal account to your Judopay account.
Currently, you are only able to link your production PayPal account.
For more details on testing, contact Developer Support.


Make sure you have implemented the following prerequisites:


To automatically receive non-breaking changes, you can pin to the minor version (0.0) rather than the current patch version (0.0.28).


Step One: Display the PayPal Button

To display the PayPal button:


For more information on the PayPal button, see Button Render Options.


Step Two: Create a PayPal Payment

Currently /payments (immediate capture) is supported when implementing PayPal via the Web SDK.

When the PayPal Button is clicked, the createCardDetails method will be called from the Web SDK.

To make a transaction:



Step Three: Handle the Call Backs

Sample Success Response:


Sample Error Response: