Testing your Integration

Sign up for your Judopay Sandbox Account

You need your sandbox account so you can process test transactions while developing your app.

Updates are released to our sandbox environment on a regular basis, continually test your app, to ensure your integration is working with the latest updates, mirroring the live environment.

Using test cards and test data to test your integration is working correctly, to give you confidence for when your integration goes live.


All examples within the Judopay documentation use the sandbox environment, so you can process test transactions while developing your app.


Only sandbox API tokens and test cards will work in the sandbox.
Using the wrong tokens and secrets will result in an authorisation failure.


Test Scenarios

See how your app handles the following scenarios, before accepting live payments:

  • Successful transactions

  • Declined transactions

  • Payment errors

  • Security features


Functional and Load Testing

Judopay’s sandbox environment accommodates functional testing of your integration and is not designed for load or stress testing scenarios.
Due to lower rate limits applied in sandbox, we recommend simulating test requests with a prudent level of latency applied.


Test Data

Test Cards

See the sample test cards, including how to Verify your 3D Secure 2 Integration.


The test cards will behave as valid cards and will only work in the sandbox.


Going Live

Make sure you have tested all scenarios before going live.


When you are ready to accept live payments, see how to point to the live environment.