Testing your Integration

Prior to Testing - Prerequisites

Make sure you have the following set up prior to testing:

  • You are using sandbox tokens in the sandbox environment.

  • You are using test cards in the sandbox environment.

  • Your judoIds and tokens are configured and enabled as appropriate.


You need your sandbox account so you can process test transactions while developing your app.

Test all your required payment types in the sandbox environment, using Test Cards to test your integration is working correctly. This will give you confidence for when your integration goes live.


Sandbox Environment




Test Cards

  • See the sample Test Cards.

    • The test cards will behave as valid cards and will only work in the sandbox.

  • To trigger specific 3D Secure 2 user journeys:



Testing Scenarios:

Card Payments:


Digital Wallet Payments:







Preparing to Go Live

It is recommended to test all your required transaction flows in the live environment before releasing into production.

  • Remove -sandbox from the URL.

  • Replace your sandbox API Token and Secret for the live API Token and Secret.