3D Secure

The following 3D Secure 2 versions are supported:
- 3DS2.1
- 3DS2.2


The deadline for PSD2 and SCA implementation for all the European Union countries members and UK merchants has now passed.
3D Secure 1 is no longer supported.

We have made it a simple implementation for you to upgrade to 3D Secure 2 within your payment flow. See Integrating 3D Secure 2 (EMV 3D Secure)


What is Strong Customer Authentication?


The aim of the SCA is to add an increased layer of security for card not present transactions, when making mobile and online payments.

SCA requires authentication to use at least two of the following three aspects:

  • Something the consumer knows.

  • Something the consumer has

  • Something the consumer is.

For more information, see Overview of SCA.



3D Secure 2 Flow


In the 3D Secure 2 payment flow, the Issuer will make a decision on whether they have enough authentication data to proceed with the transaction, or if they require the cardholder to further authenticate the transaction.


For more information, see Payment Flow.



Integration Steps


We have made it a simple implementation for you to upgrade and integrate 3D Secure 2 within your payment flow. Use Judopay’s Web SDK for an even simpler integration for 3D Secure 2.


For more information, see Integration Steps.



Exemptions to Strong Customer Authentication


Merchants can request specific customer initiated transactions be exempt.

For more information, see Exemptions to SCA.


Exemption flags provide you with the option to request the Issuer, to not challenge their customer at the time of the transaction.

For more information, see Exemption Flags.



3D Secure


The 3D Secure liability shift is a rule protecting you from fraudulent transactions.


For example, if your consumer denies they authorised or made a purchase, (due to a lost or stolen card) and the 3D Secure authentication was successful (following either the frictionless or challenge flow), the liability for the payment shifts from you to the issuing bank.

For more information, see 3D Secure



Upgrading your Integration