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3D Secure 2 Flow

In the 3D Secure 2 payment flow, the Issuer will make a decision on whether they have enough authentication data to proceed with the transaction, or if they require the cardholder to further authenticate the transaction with additional Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) checks.

3D Secure 2 introduces frictionless authentication.

Overview of the Frictionless and Challenge Flow

Frictionless Flow

The transaction to be approved without the need for the cardholder to enter additional authentication details. The acquirer, issuer, and card scheme are able to exchange the necessary information in the background, using the device data.


Challenge Flow

If additional SCA checks are required from the cardholder, the transaction will follow the challenge flow. An iframe (or similar prompt) will be presented to the cardholder to input additional authentication (something the cardholder knows, has or is),