Judopay Documentation

Features of PayByBankApp

Features of PayByBankApp:

  • Strong authentication.

  • PSD2 Compliant - Meeting the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Requirements.

  • Increased Consumer Trust: Existing bank brands are known to the consumer.

  • Works through the consumer’s existing Bank app.

  • Merchant Liability Shifted to the Issuer:

    All transactions are authenticated via the consumers Bank app, so all liability is shifted away from the merchant to the issuing bank.

  • Everything is tokenised:

    The merchant, Judopay and the distributor does not have any bank details of the consumer.

Benefits of PayByBankApp to your Consumers

Your consumers:

  • Can check their balances in real time.

  • Choose which account to pay from.

  • No need to enter card details, or any additional passwords.

  • Can see money move from their account in seconds.

  • Stay secure with payment authorisation taking place in their Bank app.

  • Consumers will be auto-enrolled when their online Bank app is installed.

If a consumer uses PayByBankApp with more than one Bank app on their phone, they will get the choice of which Bank app to open at the point of purchase, with the choice of setting their default option.

Once the consumer clicks the PayByBankApp button, they will be taken to their Bank app to complete the payment.