Judopay Documentation


JudoShield is our mobile fraud prevention tool – a risk engine that collects, analyses and returns a ‘Risk score’ between 0 and 100 for each transaction.


This is based on transactional data and mobile device signals – captured via Judopay’s SDKs.

The Risk score determines if a transaction is Allowed, Blocked or sent to 3D Secure.

If the Risk score returned reaches the Block threshold, the transaction and/or user is flagged, preventing them from completing this transaction or any future transactions.


  • Works together with our seamless in-app payment SDKs to fully protect your business and customers – from the first line of code, to the end of every transaction.

  • Enables intelligent and proactive management of transaction risks, minimizing fraud and reducing chargebacks.

  • Runs quietly in the background, its rules and enforcements can be enabled when it makes sense for the business to do so.

  • Provides smart machine-learning capability that help businesses continuously fine-tune their fraud prevention strategy based on what makes sense for their customers and industry.

How JudoShield Works

JudoShield is a mobile-specific security toolkit module that combines business rules with machine learning to monitor and block fraudulent transactions.

Based on your appetite for risk you have the option to configure your Block threshold by contacting our team to determine the threshold that will allow, block or send a transaction to 3DS verification.


JudoShield captures data from the transaction and device signals via Device DNA™.

This collection of data is then processed and calculated using machine learning algorithms to return the Risk score.