Judopay Documentation

Server SDK - .Net

For examples on integrating with the .Net Server SDK, see our sample app for more information.


  1. From Visual Studio launch NuGet Package Manager

  2. Search for JudoPay.Net 

  3. Add JudoPay.Net via

    1. GUI, or

    2. Package Manager Console 

  4. Add the JudoPay.Net package:

    Install-Package JudoPay.Net


  1. Ensure all integration steps are completed

  2. Add your app’s sandbox Token and Secret var client = JudoPaymentsFactory.Create<JudoEnvironment.Sandbox, "YOUR_API_TOKEN", "YOUR_API_SECRET">;

  3. Ensure the SDK is configured for the sandbox environment

  4. Use the test cards provided in the Judopay Portal:

    • Tools > Generating transactions


If performing transactions only from your backend, enable the Register Card Transactions permission for your app.

Create a separate app for your backend with the Make Payments permission enabled.

Test all your required payment types in the sandbox environment before going live.

Going Live with .Net

Use the live environment for testing before deploying your app.


You will need to have tested your app in the sandbox environment before going live.

1. Activate your Account

  • To process live payments, ensure you have a live account.

  • Complete the activation form for us to make the necessary changes to your account. 

    We will contact you as soon as you are live.

2. Point to the Live Environment

  • In JudoPaymentsFactory.Create method change the environment from Sandbox to Live:

    var client = JudoPaymentsFactory.Create(JudoEnvironment.Live, "YOUR_API_TOKEN", "YOUR_API_SECRET");

  • Replace your sandbox API Token and Secret for the live API Token and Secret 

    • Find these in Judopay Portal > Your apps > {app name} > Live Tokens

3. Test Live Payments

  • Ensure the SDK is properly configured for the live environment

  • Use real debit or credit cards

    • Test cards provided will not work in live

    • We recommend to perform pre-authorizations followed by a void, or regular payments followed by a refund 

      • Send a refund through the Judopay PortalHistory

  • Test all payment scenarios and security features to verify the expected behaviour