Judopay Documentation

Go Live

Test all your required transaction types in the live environment before release.


You will need to have tested your app in the sandbox environment before going live.

Point to the Live Environment

  1. Replace the environment with Judo.LIVE 

  2. Replace your sandbox API Token and Secret for the live API Token and Secret 

    1. Find these in Judopay Portal> Your apps > {app name} > Live Tokens


When you change environments, remember to use the correct API Token and API Secret for that environment.

Using the wrong tokens and secrets will result in an authorisation failure.

Live Token and Secret

From the Judopay Portal:

To view the Live Token and Secret:

view live token




From the side menu, select Your apps

Select the app to view the Token and Secret credentials.


Select Live tokens to see both the Token and Secret for the Sandbox Environment.


The Live Token information is displayed.

A Live Token and Secret will only be visible within the app once your account is activated.

To activate your account, see Account Activation.

Live Testing

Test in the live environment performing the same scenarios you used in the sandbox. 

Use real cards for Live Testing

  • Test cards will not work in the live environment 

  • Use real credit and debit cards

  • Process small transaction amounts (minimum £1.01) to avoid unexpected declines

Common Test Scenarios

Test your application with all the required payment types:

  • register a card

  • repeat card (token) payment

Successful Transactions

Ensure you capture and record the receipt ID.

For repeat payments (one-click payments), the following three fields need to be provided for it to be successful:

  1. card token

  2. consumer token

  3. consumer reference

Please ensure all transactions reach your back-office.

Declined Transactions

To generate a Payment declined status for:

  • Card payments 

  • Pre-authorizations

  • Repeat card payments

Process transactions with the following variables:

  • Incorrect CV2 (card security code) values

  • Incorrect/Invalid dates

  • Invalid card numbers

  • Incorrect repeat payments

  • Incorrect card token and consumer reference pair

Payment Errors

In the case of an unexpected error occurring during a payment (an upstream error when processing a transaction), ensure this is handled by your app or backend (depending on your integration).

One test example you can perform to see how your app handles the error: pass an invalid Token and Secret.

Test Security Features

Test the security features included in your project to protect against fraudulent transactions:

  • Device DNA™

  • 3D Secure

Address Verification Service

We recommend performing tests generating successful and declined payments:

  • Use the correct billing Postcode/Zip code

  • Use the incorrect billing Postcode/Zip code

Account Activation

To process live payments, your account needs to be activated to access live API Tokens and Secrets for your apps:

  1. Login to the Judopay Portal

  2. Select Activate account

  3. Complete the registration form

  4. Select your pricing package

  5. Click Submit.

    Your Live Token and Secret can be found in the dashboard.

  6. Click Your apps  

    Select the application

    Click Live tokens

Once this process is done, we will receive your request to go live.

We will perform the necessary changes in your account to start processing live payments and contact you within one working day once you are ready to go.


Onboarding with the Gateway and Acquirer also needs to be finalised before going live.