Testing your Web SDK Integration

Judopay's Web SDK is a JavaScript library which includes a fully customisable hosted iframe solution enabling you to collect sensitive card information.

You will not take on additional PCI scope, as sensitive card information such as:

  • card number (PAN)

  • expiry date

  • CV2

    will be submitted by your customers into fields hosted by Judopay.

Web SDK Version 0.0.29 (and higher) fully supports 3D Secure 2 flows. No additional support is required, the SDK does the rest.

Also use our Web SDK to integrate:

  • Apple Pay™ for Web

  • Google Pay™ for Web

  • iDEAL

  • PayPal (BETA)

  • Klarna (BETA)


Testing Card payments for your Web SDK integration:

Web SDK Scenarios:



Alternative payment method testing scenarios coming soon.